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We have tested many antivirus programs, both paid and free, and came up with the best protection in our opinion.

A computer virus is a form of malware, or malicious software, that travels between computers and corrupts software and data. Computer viruses are designed to interfere with systems, lead to serious functional problems, and cause data loss and leakage.

Common Virus Warning Signs:

You've probably heard how crucial it is to keep viruses away, but what exactly is a computer virus? A computer virus may be identified by common symptoms of performance loss, such as: A computer virus will almost certainly have a negative impact on the device it dwells on.

Slow computer

One of the most obvious symptoms that a computer system has a virus is that it is operating slower than usual. This involves a sluggish system as well as slower internet and application performance. A computer may have a virus if it is performing slowly and does not have any powerful programs or applications loaded.


An obvious indicator of a computer infection is the appearance of unwanted pop-up windows on a computer or in a web browser. Unwanted pop-ups are a symptom that a device is infected with malware, viruses, or spyware.

Self-executing programs

It is very possible that a virus or other piece of malware has invaded the software if computer programs abruptly close by themselves. Applications that won't launch when chosen from the Start menu or their desktop icon are another sign of a virus. The next thing you should do after that occurs is run a virus check and delete any files on programs that might not be secure to use.

The best defense that can help prevent this is using AVAST VIRUS PROTECTION

This program is free but it offers a paid version as well.  The free version works very well.

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